Abbie Bikes Britain

2000 miles | 15 summits | A mission to create lasting change


Support and Sponsor

There are endless ways in which you can support Abbie and her team on their mission to create communities and conversation across the country.

There is very little time before Abbie and her small team will be heading up to Scotland to prepare for the official launch. However, there is a lot of money to raise. £20k in fact. This is no small project and things such as fuel, food, accommodation, and independent filmmakers (brought in to help document the story) will be the greatest costs, to name but a few. 

We are big believers in bucking the trend, stepping out of line, and forging new ways that bring together communities and create lasting change. COVID19 has forced communities apart, stripped us of our rights to access nature, and forced important issues into the shadows. This has left once solid homes and individuals struggling and despondent. We want to change this through our adventure campaign. We intend to bring together the nation and we need your help.

If you are in need of inspiration:

£5+ will buy us a gallon of fuel. 

£15+ will feed Abbie for the day.

£500+ will cover Abbie’s osteopath sessions .

£4500 will cover our campervan hire.

£7500 will cover the production of our films series.

In addition to financial support, we want to invite you to join the journey on the ground. Please follow along via our website and social media, and if you can, pack a backpack and join us on one of our hikes to National Park summits! 

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Ways You Can Help

Buy Abbie a coffee & a bun for that needed rush of sugar.

£ 5

Help Anna drive the support vehicle so she can look after Abbie.

£ 6

Feed Abbie for one day.

She will need all the food!

£ 15

Get Abbie a well deserved massage after a day on the bike.

£ 35

Let Abbie sleep in a bed rather than the van.

£ 50

Want to work with us like these awesome people? 

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