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Episode Summary

In this episode Abbie talks with lifelong naturalist, author, and BAFTA-winning TV producer Stephen Moss, unpicking the art of nature and travel writing, and the power of spending intentional time outside.

Episode Notes

Stephen and I have known each other since 2014. I had just returned home to the UK after shooting a film on Mount Kilimanjaro about climate change. We connected through A Focus On Nature (AFON) and attended Birdfair, an annual event for birdwatchers, held every August at Rutland Water in England, together.

In this chat Stephen and I dive into his childhood experiences where the foundation of his love for nature was laid. He explains why birds were his primary fascination, and how as he grew up and entered the world of work, this broadened into other flying things such as dragonflies and butterflies after meeting the legendary birder, comedian and presenter, Bill Oddie

Stephen is a former producer at the BBC Natural History Unit with an admirable career spanning three decades. He produced some of the nation's most loved nature series, such as Big Cat Diary, Birding with Bill Oddie, and the BAFTA-winning Springwatch series, which first aired in 2005. We dive into what this role involved and how working in TV is very much a job for those who thrive when working in teams.  

‘Why this, why me, why now’. Through much of this conversation Stephen and I talk in depth about travel and nature writing, from putting thoughts to paper, order, structure, and purpose. As someone who is a senior lecturer at Bath Spa University in the topic, he has some very insightful tips for anyone looking to get into writing.
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