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In this episode Abbie chats with Amanda Dudgeon, a Park Ranger in New South Wales, Australia, about what it is like working on the front line of conservation and how we can all support our local ranger teams in their invaluable and often dangerous work.

Episode Notes

Amanda never set out to work in conservation, despite her lifelong fascination with the natural world, which interestingly started with geology. Instead, she went to Italy to study gastronomy, keen to impact people with good food and fine dining experiences. It was here though that she unleashed her true passion for the wild world, and after a year she left her foodie schooling to return home and pursue a Bachelors of Applied Science in Integrated Resource Management. 


Following the completion of her studies, Amanda dives into her career evolution, from working as a project officer for the International River Foundation, to becoming a Park Ranger in Southern Australia. She details how a handful of incredible people left a mark on her life that propelled her forwards into the job she loves, and then breaks down the ups and downs of life on the front line of conservation in one of the world's most harsh yet fragile environments. From fighting fires to managing accessibility, it was a gripping conversation.  Our chat concludes with a powerful message; that we can all play our part in protecting our local wild spaces, if only we are willing to step up and be bold.


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