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Abbie Barnes filming in Iceland 2022

One Wild Life Podcast

One WILD Life Podcast

Abbie hosted the One WILD Life Podcast from ... 

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Conversations with Abbie are as inspiring as humbling, as adventurous as effortless, but most of all just as real as life gets. 


Abbie is available to speak in person or audio form via radio and podcasts, covering a range of topics from her latest challenges and adventures, to her work around inspiring and empowering people to get outside of the benefit of mental and physical health, environmental stewardship, and more. 


Abbie is also the host of the One WILD Life Podcast, available on most streaming platforms.


If you would like to feature Abbie as a guest on your podcast please contact us here:

admin (at)

A Walk On The Wild Side - Skyworks Profiles Abbie Barnes

This is the first of a new series of occasional interviews from Skyworks, the makers of World From Above, in which we showcase up-and-coming YouTubers whose channels we think you will enjoy. Abbie Barnes is a young, award-winning filmmaker who is also an adventurer and campaigner. You can find her channel at    / @abbiebarneswild  

In this interview, we discuss her love of the English Lake District, her expeditions in Iceland, and some of her most gruelling experiences while out adventuring.


Adventure Mindset Podcast - E50 - Abbie Barnes

This week’s guest is Abbie Barnes; an award-winning filmmaker, fellow YouTuber & podcaster as well as adventurer, thru-hiker, long-distance cyclist, a huge advocate for mental health and all round LEGEND! 🙌
Abbie runs the project ‘Spend more time in the Wild’ which aims to inspire and empower people to enjoy more quality time outside for the benefit of improving mental and physical health and wellbeing, whilst building meaningful connections with the natural world and each other.     
In this conversations we talk about: 🌻Abbie’s upbringing, her mental health struggles and how nature quite literally has saved her life. 🌻 Some of her epic adventures including the time that she cycled from the very top of the UK, down to the bottom, via all 15 National Parks and their highest peaks. 🌻 We also talk about her chronic illness and how she refuses to let the daily an excruciating pain of this, come between her and her life mission to ‘spend more time in the wild’ and to encourage others to do the same through community. 

Base Weight - E5 - Abbie Barnes

Abbie Barnes is a well known figure in the outdoor space and is the driving force behind Spend More Time In The Wild.  With a popular YouTube channel and growing Patreon community that showcases her passion for wild places and the connections we have with them, Abbie lives and breathes all things wild.   She is truly joyful in the outdoors and anyone who has watched any of her films knows she truly loves what she does.  She has been very candid about her struggles with chronic pain and her mental health, which is why I felt she would be the perfect guest to have on the podcast.

So grab a brew or a cuppa and settle in for a wonderful conversation with one of my favorite YouTubers and all-around special human, Abbie Barnes.  

Abbie Barnes TGE.png

Tough Girl Podcast Extra | Abbie Barnes

Abbie Barnes - A 55 day expedition cycling 2,000 miles from John O Groats to Lands End, via each of the UK's 15 National Parks and walking their highest peaks.⁠

In late summer 2021 Abbie cycled from Dunnet Head and John O Groats to The Lizard Point and Lands End, via each of the UK's 15 National Parks and their highest peaks.⁠ This epic 55 day expedition saw Abbie and her partner Anna (who drove the support van) travel over 2,000 miles and battle mental ill health, chronic pain, and a number of unanticipated life-challenges along the way. Yet the duo completed this life-changing venture and now have a 3-part film series on YouTube following the highs and lows of their journey. ⁠

We first spoke with Abbie Aug 26, 2021 - Founder and director of Spend More Time In The WILD, an organisation that seeks to inspire and empower individuals to get outside.⁠

The Unplugged Debate - S01 E21 - Abbie Barnes

On today’s episode, we have Abbie Barnes. Abbie Is a filmmaker, presenter, and adventurer. She has a production company that works to provide education about issues around the environment and the connection with nature. This is what her company ‘Spend more time in the wild’ is promoting, the engagement in nature and promoting fitness and mental health benefits. Abbie is very open about her own mental health issues that she has had and the connection with nature helping throughout her life. She talks about her technology usage through her work and within her personal life, and gives an insight into how she embraces technology and the boundaries she has with it.

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 09.00_edited.jpg

International Women's Day 2022 | Abbie Barnes

To mark International Women's Day 2022, Jon caught up with Abbie Barnes, creator of WILD. WILD was created by Abbie in 2016 to inspire and empower individuals to don their walking boots and head outside for the benefit of mental and physical wellbeing.

During this episode, Abbie talks about what gender bias means to them and how they champion women's equality to be a part of the creation of a diverse and inclusive World. We also learn about Abbie's role models and how their influence has affected the way in which Abbie works now.

Imagine a gender-equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias

Summit To Talk About Podcast - Abbie Barnes 

At the age of 13, Abbie began making films about our natural world and the devastating destruction to the environment through the production of palm oil. This led to Abbie speaking to MEP's in the European Parliament about the importance of ingredient labels on products.


Since then, Abbie has set up a production company - Song Thrush Productions and has made many films which have gained international recognition.


With her passion for the outdoors, Abbie is a keen long distance hiker and lover of the mountains. We chat about how it all began, Abbie's own battle with mental ill health, the many adventures she's had including the 2021 project 'Abbie bikes Britain' seeing Abbie cycle the length of Britain whilst visiting every national park on route to hike to its highest point.


Abbie has an extensive CV of adventure and you can read more by visiting her website where you'll find links to the YouTube channel, podcast and Patreon community.

Abbie Barnes.png

Abbie Barnes - Founder of Spend More Time In The WILD, an organisation that seeks to inspire

Abbie Barnes is the founder and director of Spend More Time In The WILD, an organisation that seeks to inspire and empower individuals to get outside for the benefit of mental and physical health, whilst building meaningful connections with the natural world and each other.

By sharing her story - Abbie hopes to raise awareness about mental health and chronic pain in the adventure world. 

*CONTENT WARNING - During this episode, mental health and suicidal feeling are talked about.

393_TGP_Abbie_BarnesCSSC Podcast
00:00 / 59:41

CSSC | Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - Abbie & Eli: Ordnance Survey Champions

DISCLAIMER: This podcast features stories of personal experiences regarding mental health conditions and should not be taken as advice or guidance. If you are effected by any of the topics mentioned and require support, please contact your GP or head to our Mental Health Awareness Week pagefor further signposting.

In this podcast, join Abbie Barnes and Eli Bishop, GetOutside Champions for Ordnance Survey, as they share their insights into getting outside as much and as often as possible.

For more information about CSSC's Mental Health Awareness Week campaign, head over to our website.

Abbie & Eli: Ordnance Survey ChampionsCSSC Podcast
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A Folk Tales mini-series for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Each day we will release one new episode (so stay tuned). You can look forward to hearing from guests including Alex Sergison from Adventure4All, open water swimmer Ben Hooper, Abbie Barnes from Spend More Time in the Wild, Tom and Matt of Frontline Coffee, and record breaking young sailor Timothy Long.

Mental Health Awareness | Abbie BarnesBoatFolks Mini Series
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 Hiiker Podcast Episode #5

Eoin catches up with Abbie while she is in between European alpine and hiking adventures. Abbie discusses her long CV of long-distance trails, such as the Tour du Mont blanc, The West Highland way (x2) and the Coast to Coast trail (x2). She also opens up about her struggles with Mental health and how it lead her to set up her organisation "Spend more time in the wild".


Hiiker Website

Hiiker Podcast Episode #5 | Abbie BarnesHiiker Podcast
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The Outdoor Station Podcast

In this podcast Abbie talks with Bob from The Outdoor Station about all things adventure, film-making and mental health.

Outdoor Station Website

Abbie Barnes | Nov. 2019The Outoor Station Podcast
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