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The Great Garden Camp Out 2020

Saturday 28th November 2020

The pandemic of Covid-19 has brought much of the world to a standstill, seeing millions stuck indoors and yearning for time spent outside. But who said that social isolation and movement restrictions mean we can't connect with nature and enjoy mini-adventures?!

The Great Garden Camp Out has been created to offer inspiration to do just that - an overnight camp in the garden, either alone or with the whole family (please make sure you adhere to government guidelines and not meet with anyone outside of your own household), allowing us to get back to basics, connect with nature on our doorstep, and creating lasting memories without the need to travel. 


How To Get Involved

Anyone and everyone can join the Great Garden Camp Out. All you need is a tent (or some other kind of shelter) and a thirst for fun and adventure and you are set to go! 

We recommend joining our official Great Garden Camp Out Facebook Group where you can interact with individuals and families from all around the world who will also be camping out across the weekend.  


We would love for you to share with us pictures and videos from your night out. You might even like to produce your own 'expedition' film following your adventure! Use your imagination and create memories that last. 

What You'll Need

Sleeping out under the stars is a magical experience and one we believe everyone should try at least once! The Great Garden Camp Out is as much for the complete camping novice as it is for the experienced adventurer. We want this event to bring positivity and fun into back gardens the world over, and the only real essential piece of kit you need is a tent! The rest is optional or can be substituted for familiar household items.

If you can, why not create a full-on camping experience by cooking on a camping stove or campfire?!

You may wish to add other essentials to your list.

-Tent or shelter of some kind

- Sleeping mat 

- Sleeping bag/duvet/blankets

- Pillow

- Torch/headtorch

- Waterbottle

- Stove 

- Food and snacks

- Book/games/pen and paper

- Camera

- Warm clothes

If you don't have a garden you might like to pitch up inside or even build a fort in your living room!


Share The Love

We hope that the Great Garden Camp Out leaves you feeling calmer, connected with nature, and filled with memories that last. You might also feel pumped for another mini-adventure!

We are hoping to produce a short film about the event and would love to use your videos to spread as much positivity and love as we can during these difficult times. 

If you'd like to share some joy and kindness, why not record a short piece to camera explaining how the outdoors and nature help you in your daily life. Please then email these to by April 20th 2020.

You might like to use WeTransfer to send videos.

Thank you for being part of our Spend More Time In The WILD community! 

Spend More Time In The WILD is a campaign that seeks to inspire and empower individuals to get outside for the benefit of mental and physical health, whilst building meaningful connections with the natural world and each other. To find out more please take your time looking around our website.

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