Who, What, Why is Patreon?

First of all - Thank you to all of our amazing Patrons who support the mission of

Spend More Time In The WILD!

The Patreon account has been created to help support the growth and diversification of the project, whilst offering a community space for those who want to get more involved in all things WILD. 

Below you can venture through some of our members, what inspires them and why they've decided to be a member of the Patron tribe. 

Becoming a Patron offers you anything from being featured on this "hall of fame" to receiving handwritten postcards; accessing our incredibly supportive private Facebook-Group; to having personal, 1-on-1 Skype sessions with Abbie.

Check out the website to find out more about the different memberships and benefits to start supporting the project in whichever way you like.

Frank Shrimpton

Nick & Sarah Womack

Cheryl Conrad

Marcus Busch

Ann Griffin

Spending More Time in the Wild is even more fun with pets!! Thank you, Abbie, for the inspiration!

Phillipp Siewert

Into the wild I go, to lost my mind and find my soul.

Sue Brown

I love taking daily walks with my Golden Retriever and going on 8 to 10 mile walks with friends - mostly in Northumberland and Yorkshire. I've done a lot of fell-walking in the Lake District, and have a huge appreciation of our beautiful countryside.

Leah Standford

Phil Lovell

Paul Maloney

Katrin Kuhnert

Matt & Taysia Malone

Glad to support. England’s abundance of walking trails make it easy to stay wild. 

The Bóinn Family

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” -Henry David Thoreau

Jason R Glare

Guy James

Patrick Moore

Steve Brownlee

6 months ago I came across a Lake District day walk film made by Abbie Barnes which made me realise I hadn't been near a fell for 2 years, in fact I had stopped participating in all the outdoor activities I enjoyed. My work/life balance had become unbalanced, mental health issues can take many forms, I was never in a dark place, but I did have an illness and it's thanks to Spend More Time In The Wild, Abbie and everyone who supports the project that I was able to recognize I needed help.

Karl Stewart

"Go where you feel most alive" spend more time in the wild!!

Andrew Miller

Mark Hodges

I guess I would call myself a lifelong walker. I live on the prairie in Illinois but spend a large part of the year in the forests and sand dune country of Michigan

Riquita Newmark

My Happy hiking place is Lech in Austria, the Seven sisters in Sussex and my everyday stomps on Hampstead Heath with my dog. Abbie, your smile lights up the screen and your honesty, integrity and determination to see the light at the end of the tunnel is inspirational.  I suffer from self doubt and low self esteem but on every walk, nature is the best friend who gives me a hug.  

Robert Brown

Rory Warlow

Julian Harvey

John Turner

I spend 8 hours a day at work staring at a screen with one eye always on the Welsh hills... I can't wait to share some outdoor adventures with my son once he gets a bit older!

David Halsall

Mark Udle

Life can be challenging and rewarding at the best of times inspire others and let others inspire you, together we will thrive.

Ian Cooper

The mountains are where I go to breathe. Having had mental health issues my entire life, I discovered that all I needed to do to feel truly calm and in control was to put on a pair of boots and hike like my life depended on it. Thank you Abbie for your inspiration and passion in this project. 

Flemming Christiansen

Daniel Jackson

Teresa Tucker

Andrew William Tugwell

Amanda Dudgon

Proud as punch to support the amazing work you do Abbie! As a park ranger I live and breath the ethos of Spend more time in the wild. I can't thank enough people like Abbie and her Patreons for what they all do to support our parks and natural places. Our health, in all its forms, depends on the health of our amazing, beautiful and mind blowing natural world. If we all Spend More Time In The WILD and encourage others to do so just imagine the world we can create. 

Wendy and Shaun McKenna

‘And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.’
Genesis 1:31

Jack Jordan

'I go to seek a great perhaps'

by John Green

Wendy Armstrong

''Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? '

by Mary Oliver

Alex Ward

'Now all you have to do is decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it'

by Abbie Barnes 

Gordon Fraser

Milly Moss

Linda Mainwaring

Ryan Kingaby

Dean Capewell

"Today is a day that will not be repeated again, I am not certain about what I may find but I am certain of one thing. I am free, absolutely free"

Julia Faulkes

'I love travelling, trekking, snow-shoeing and horse-riding. I spent a long time serving in the RAF and then running my own company before having two seizures, so walking and climbing are my keeping mind and body healthy essentials.

Sue Hillman

I love getting out in the wild. Life can be a challenge, but to have the escapism of the countryside makes everything feel good. Following you Abbie, is so inspirational and has certainly helped me through Covid. 

Janis Mcevoy

I love being outdoors and seeing the beauty that nature has to offer. It always lifts my spirits.

Carole Benham

Hi I'm Carole from Tasmania, Australia and really thrilled to be a part of this wonderful project.

Kakai Marr

" Continue doing what you do. You are an inspiration. " 

Gillian Donald

"Your wings already exist....all you have to do is fly!' Thanks Abbie for giving me the boost and knowledge to go out and explore our beautiful planet and to Stay Wild!"

Pauline Curwen

Nature is food for the soul. Glad to be a patreon. 

Alexsandra Deen

Enjoying time in the Australian WILD is where I am happiest! Mental health has been a struggle but when I'm in nature, all cares, troubles and anxieties fade into the abundant leaf litter! I live in the Tweed Valley. Lamington National Park and its magnificent escarpment surrounds my home. My life is a blessing and having Abbie and all of you in it is a wonderful gift.

Matt Worth

"I found Abbies videos during lockdown and they kept me balanced through the Covid lockdown. Looking forward to getting back out into nature ASAP." 

Mark Pearson

"I feel like a different man when I'm out in the wild, everything seems to slow down and I never seem to be bothered about waiting for the kettle to boil. I have had some of the best laughs and conversations with my Son when we have been out camping or walking together. When my Son's not around I'll take my four legged little Buddy Mazikeen, Maze for short, I have great conversations with her too, but they tend to be one sided Haha! Having suffered all my life with mental illness I have learned to recognise the signs when I need to get out in the wild, but it has been a difficult journey. To anyone reading this please take Abbie's example and spend more time in the wild it really helps I can vouch for that."

Sayde Handrick

Since I started watching Abbies vlogs it gave me the courage and mental ability to hike in the mountains on my own, and for you Abbie I will be eternally grateful! I dont think I would of been able to overcome my fears without watching your vlogs! So thank you! So happy to be apart of the team now! 

Amy Ashton

"Lift up your faces, you have a piercing need

For this bright morning dawning for you."

(Maya Angelou, from 'On the Pulse of Morning)

Michelle Matuza

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 ~ Amy Ashton

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