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Abbie Barnes filming on the Tour Du Mont Blanc 2019


2019 Films & Expeditions



The Tour Du Mont Blanc runs for 105 miles around the Mont Blanc Massif, passing through France, Italy and Switzerland. It is traditionally started and finished in Les Houches, with most walkers taking an average of 11 days to complete the circuit. I set out to take on the trail in 9 days. My hope was that the mountains would provide me with some space and a sense of purpose. Little did I know that the adventure would change my life and open my eyes to what it really means to be ALIVE. My hope is that this film will provide inspiration for anyone looking to get outside and reconnect with nature for the benefit of mental and physical health, and that it proves to be a valuable resource for those looking to walk the TMB themselves.

Abbie Barnes filming on the Cleveland Way 2019

The Cleveland Way was the second National Trail to be designated in England. It begins in Helmsley and from here then passes the 'Finest View In England' at Sutton Bank, with the Kildale White Horse alongside. It then crosses the North York Moor, passing Captain Cooks Monument and summiting Roseberry Topping, before hitting the coast leaving the inland walking behind. Here the route traverses the highest cliffs in the east of Yorkshire, weaving in and out of small fishing villages, and passing countless archaeological and geological sites worth marvelling at.  Nature makes a strong stand too, with places like the blissful waterfall at Hayburn Wyke, and wild gullies near Runswick Bay, all keeping the trail diverse and varied. All in all, the trail covers 110 miles as it concludes on top of Filey Brigg, right where the Yorkshire Wolds Way begins.

Abbie Barnes filming on the Beara Way 2019

The Beara Way runs for 206km around the Beara peninsula in the South West of Ireland. The circular loop is often started (and ended) in the coastal town of Glengarriff, sitting on the edge of Bantry Bay. It encompasses dramatic mountains, rugged coasts, wind-swept islands, awe-inspiring views, pristine lakes, profound archaeological sites and so much more.

Abbie Barnes filming on the Rob Roy Way 2019

The Rob Roy Way runs for 79 miles from Drymen to Pitlochry, following in the footsteps of Scotland's very own Robin Hood - Rob Roy himself. The path was created in 2002 as one of Scotland's Great Trails and is much quieter than the classic routes of the North such as the West Highland Way and the Great Glen Way, with only around 500 people completing the route each year. I set out to walk the route in September 2019, camping along the way. My trip didn't quite go as planned, but the adventure is one I remember with fondness.

Abbie Barnes filming on the Gritstone Trail 2019

In this video I return to the Gritstone Trail after my pervious attempt in January when I had to leave the trail unfinished when my mental health took a sudden and unexpected dip that left me vulnerable in my own hands. This time I explore the full length of the route including all its highs and lows. I had a all four seasons during my walk, where I delve into archaeological and historical sites, see beautiful wildlife, and come away not only having completed the trail, but having matured in my understanding of how backpacking can help us all to develop self-compassion and a driver what it means to thrive.

Abbie Barnes filming on the Liberty Trail in 2019

The Monmouth Rebellion, also known as the Pitchfork Rebellion, the Revolt of the West or the West Country rebellion, was an attempt to overthrow James II in the 1600s. The Duke Of Monmouth rallied 4000 plus men, many of whom travelled from their homes in rural Somerset to join the cause. The Liberty Trail runs for 28 miles from Ham Hill to Lyme Regis, following in the footsteps of many of these rebels. I set out to walk the route and along the way passed through tranquil hamlets, by old mills, manor houses, ancient churches, abbeys and much, much more.

Abbie Barnes filming in the Lake District 2019

Each year I return to the Lake District National Park to shoot a series of hiking videos that inspire and empower. From low level lake-side walks to exposed knife-edge ridges, there is something for everyone within this series. Check out the playlist for the full breath and depth of trails explored!

Abbie Barnes filming on the CMD Ridge Ben Nevis 2019

A day after completing the Rob Roy Way I find myself stuck on the side of Ben Nevis near the CIC hut having a panic attack. This walk was a game-changing experience as I learnt to let go of my emotions in the hills and mountains, surrendering to the journey that lay before me.

Abbie Barnes, Award-Winning Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer

I love making tips and advice videos as these are a brilliant way to arm viewers with practical ideas on how to get outside and active whatever their life circumstances. From picking hiking kit to building mental resilience, I aim to cover a broad spectrum of topics and actively engage with my audience to keep support relevant and up-to-date. 

Abbie Barnes, Award-Winning Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer

A huge part of what I aim to do within WILD is to educate and empower. By shooting gear reviews that are authentic and honest I seek to debunk the trends and myths surrounding outdoors kit, reminding viewers that getting outside does not have to be overly complicated by expensive and shiney kit. Check out my channel for various review playlists, from backpacks to tents, jackets to boots.

Abbie Barnes, Award-Winning Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer

I started a series called Monthly Mindfulness with the goal of exploring some of the benefits of regularly practicing mindfulness especially when engaging with nature at the same time. From sitting listening ti the dawn chorus to looking after house plants, mindfulness is something we can incorporate into our day to day life to bring calm, clarity, and creative inspiration. 

Abbie Barnes filming on the South West Coastal Path

The South West Coastal Path stretches for 630 miles around Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. It is the longest National Trail in the UK, and whilst a select few head out to walk its full length in one go, I have created a series following day walks using its tracks and trails. Here there is something for everyone, from gentle bimbles along disused railway lines, to monumental treks up and down relentless coastal cliffs. 

Abbie Barnes filming on the South West Coastal Path

Charmouth sits within the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, and in this video I head out onto the beach in the search of fossils. I share about the incredible geology of the area, and how to best set yourself up for success when it comes to finding fossils. 

Abbie Barnes filming on the Quantock Hills

The Quantock Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is the place where I learnt to walk. As such, I know all 38square miles of it like the back of my hand! In this series I break down a selection of lovely loops that can be tackled in the area, boasting bubbling becks and tranquil coombes, ancient sessile oak forests and wide open moorland. This is a land of endless beauty!

Abbie Barnes WILD At Home

WILD At Home was a series designed to inspire people to connect with nature on their doorstep. My belief is that adventure is an attitude and accessible for everyone, so whether you're feeding your garden birds or planting your own veg, what matters is our intention and sense of purpose.

Abbie Barnes WILD Foods

I learnt from a very early age about different uses for plants, especially wild edibles. Within this series I share some very basic wild foods available across much of the UK, from wild garlic and its use for delicious pesto, to elderflower and how to make elderflower cordial. 

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