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Spend More Time In The WILD

Go where you feel alive

What is WILD?

Spend More Time In The WILD was created by Abbie Barnes in 2016 with the aim of inspiring and empowering individuals to enjoy more quality time outside for the benefit of improving mental and physical health and wellbeing, whilst building meaningful connections with the natural world and each other. Over the years the project has grown into a worldwide network of passionate and courageous individuals working together to enjoy the beauty of our wild spaces and protect them for generations to come.

Alongside offering WILD Walks, Down-To-Earth workshops, talks and presentations throughout the country, perhaps the biggest part of the initiative is Abbie's YouTube Channel. 

Abbie aims to build an archive of views documenting trails around the world to help people on their own adventure journeys. Additionally, within each film, Abbie explores a theme such as building resilience, practicing gratitude, facing fear, and living mindfully, all communicated through the metaphors of life on the trail. 

WILD Values

Here at WILD there are a values that guide us in all that we do.

We believe:

in owning our stories by living authentically, wholeheartedly, and courageously

in being kind and compassionate towards ourselves, those around us, and the planet

in being active members of the global community who give back to appreciate the world we live in

in laughing every day and having fun

ps do you like our naked moose?

in the power of community and in creating a healthier and more resilient society

The WILD Team

Abbie Barnes on Mont Blanc, 2023

Abbie Barnes (they/them)

Founder and Managing Director of WILD

Bobby. Abbie Barnes' dog

Bobby (aka The Bean)

Here for the food, not the walks

Abbie Barnes Patreon Community


Awesome folk doing awesome things

Supporting WILD

Here at Spend More Time In The WILD we are not afraid to dream big but we need people like you to help see our projects to life. 


There are a number of ways you can support the project and the creation of content that inspires and empowers individuals to get outside for the benefit of mental and physical health:


subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit the little bell to be sure you never miss an upload

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make a one off or monthly donation contribution through PayPal


we are currently running a GoFundMe campaign to support our biggest project yet. 

Donate today to help us spread the word


join our world-wide Patreon Community and access behind-the-scenes content, giveaways and more

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