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Abbie Barnes, Award-Winning Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer

Deals & Discounts

Deals, Discounts and Outlets

Whilst you don't need top quality kit to have a good adventure, there is certainly a time and place for an upgrade. 


Abbie works tirelessly to remove barriers that hinder folk from accessing nature, and one way they hope to help is by offering discount codes for their followers to use. 


Below is a list of brands that Abbie works closely with. Abbie believes wholeheartedly in the mission of these companies and has personal relationships with the teams in charge. 

Use these discount codes as much as you wish!

To keep the good vibes flowing, please consider leaving a review for them to enjoy further down the line.


Code: ABBIEB20

Use to get 20% off full price items. If you can, please use this link as I will get a very small kickback! No minimum spend required.

Tip: check out my video reviews to help you decide what kit will suit you best!


Code: WILD10

Use to get 10% off full price meals and breakfasts.

No minimum spend required.

Tip: get yourself a breakfast and main meal, then head out into the hills for a micro adventure!


Code: Abbie20

Use to get 20% off any provisions excluding of bar and butter multi-packs.

No minimum spend required. 

Tip: try their starter pack for an epic all-round taster!


Code: WILD15

Use to get 15% off full price bottles and items.

No minimum spend required.

Tip: get yourself a bottle and head out for a bike ride!




Code: abbie10

Use to get 10% off full price barefoot shoes. If you can, please use this link as I will get a very small kickback! No minimum spend required.

Tip: if you've ever wanted to try barefoot or minimalist shoes, Freet have it all. They are a wonderful, small company who are always happy to help. So if you are unsure about anything, just drop them a line!


Use to get 50% off a one year subscription. If you can, please use this link as I will get a kickback!

Tip: download the free app to start with, then head out for a yomp, and play with all the snazzy features that can enhance your hiking experience.


My go-to backpack is the Arc Haul Ultra by Z-Packs. It is compact, lightweight, and robust, and I love it! I have been working with Z-Packs for the last few years, and whilst there is no discount for the customer, if you use this link for your order, at no extra cost I will get a 5% commission that will be pumped straight back into WILD and the creation of new content! Thank you for your support!

Code: ABBIE10

Use to get 20% guidebooks at checkout!



Below is a list of brands that I have no affiliation with.

Yet I want to make transparent links to their outlets and warehouses so that you can save the pennies on your purchases. My sole goal here is to help break down financial barriers that can often hold us back from getting the right kit needed for our bodies on an adventure.

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