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Abbie Barnes horse riding in Iceland 2022


2022 Films & Expeditions


Abbie Barnes filming on Bornholm, Denmark, 2022
Abbie Barnes filming on the Laugavegur, Iceland, 2022

The Laugavegur Trail is one of the most famous trails in Iceland, running for 35 miles across the South of the country with an optional additional day to Skógar across Fimmvörðuháls. I hiked the trail solo in 3 days and through this documentary film I share my wild adventure via bubbling fumaroles and gassy volcanoes .

Abbie Barnes filming and wild camping in Scotland 2022

This was my third hike along the 96 mile West Highland Way. It was the first trail I ever walked at the age of 16 and I B&B’d the trip. The second time I stayed in campsites. This time I go all out and wild camp the length of the route, sharing the story of the Way and the people who journey along it.

Bornholm is a small island south of Sweden owned by Denmark. It is famous for its smokehouses, white sandy beaches, and vast open coastal landscapes. Invited for a visit by my best friend, I headed out to walk around the island, 120km of what felt like blissful wilderness and untouched lands. I was often alone, and this 4 day journey left me feeling truly humbled by the way of the lands. 

Abbie Barnes filming in the Outer Hebrides, 2022

In Autumn 2022 I head out to walk the Hebridean Way, a route that spans nearly 200 miles along the full length of the Outer Hebrideas from Vatersay to Lewis. It was a blustery and exposed affair jammed with magical wildlife moments, wild camps on deserted beaches, and breathtaking history and heritage. It was a truly memorable experience.

Abbie Barnes filming on the Hadrian's Wall Path, 2022

Hadrian’s Wall was one of the first trails I hiked when I was a wee lass and to be honest I wasn't blown away at the time. Thus I returned to retrace my steps, now somewhat older and wiser. I explored the incredible archaeology of the region, and weather some of the wettest hiking days of the season. This walk was completed in partnership with Hiiker. 

Abbie Barnes filming in the Lake District

Each year I return to the Lake District National Park to shoot a series of hiking videos that inspire and empower. From low level lake-side walks to exposed knife-edge ridges, there is something for everyone within this series. Check out the playlist for the full breath and depth of trails explored!

Abbie Barnes, Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer

A huge part of what I aim to do within WILD is to educate and empower. By shooting gear reviews that are authentic and honest I seek to debunk the trends and myths surrounding outdoors kit, reminding viewers that getting outside does not have to be overly complicated by expensive and shiney kit. Check out my channel for various review playlists, from backpacks to tents, jackets to boots.

Abbie Barnes snorkelling in Silfra, Iceland, 2022

I love making tips and advice videos as these are a brilliant way to arm viewers with practical ideas on how to get outside and active whatever their life circumstances. From picking hiking kit to building mental resilience, I aim to cover a broad spectrum of topics and actively engage with my audience to keep support relevant and up-to-date. 

Abbie Barnes, Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer

Peak District Day Walks

The Peak District was the first National Park to be designated in England in 1951. Covering 555 square miles it boasts an immense array of landscapes, from wild and windswept peat moorlands to  quaint farming hamlets. In 2022 I set out to walk a handful of well-known routes to immerse viewers in the stories of the land and highlight the ecological importance of peat bogs as carbon sinks.

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