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Talking to Abbie Barnes is more than just talking WILD. Conversations with her are as inspiring as humbling, as adventurous as effortless, but most of all just as real as life gets. She has been and still is on a journey not only to herself but also to where she belongs - the journey of life. The way she embraces and talks about that journey will leave you thinking about life in a way you probably didn't before, inspired to step onto new paths and encouraged to be vulnerable in order to be true to yourself.

Talking and engaging with Abbie will open conversations about anything WILD, the struggles she has faced inside and out, to the gear that she uses while being on adventures, to faith and to how she motivates herself and others to keep going in life.

From late 2020 Abbie will start running her own Podcast on her Patreon site, featuring people who inspire her, who have impacted her on her journey and who make her laugh and enjoy life. 

If you would like to feature Abbie as a guest on your podcast please contact us here:

CSSC | Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 - Abbie & Eli: Ordnance Survey Champions

DISCLAIMER: This podcast features stories of personal experiences regarding mental health conditions and should not be taken as advice or guidance. If you are effected by any of the topics mentioned and require support, please contact your GP or head to our Mental Health Awareness Week pagefor further signposting.

In this podcast, join Abbie Barnes and Eli Bishop, GetOutside Champions for Ordnance Survey, as they share their insights into getting outside as much and as often as possible.

For more information about CSSC's Mental Health Awareness Week campaign, head over to our website.

Abbie & Eli: Ordnance Survey ChampionsCSSC Podcast
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A Folk Tales mini-series for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Each day we will release one new episode (so stay tuned). You can look forward to hearing from guests including Alex Sergison from Adventure4All, open water swimmer Ben Hooper, Abbie Barnes from Spend More Time in the Wild, Tom and Matt of Frontline Coffee, and record breaking young sailor Timothy Long.

Mental Health Awareness | Abbie BarnesBoatFolks Mini Series
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 Hiiker Podcast Episode #5

Eoin catches up with Abbie while she is in between European alpine and hiking adventures. Abbie discusses her long CV of long-distance trails, such as the Tour du Mont blanc, The West Highland way (x2) and the Coast to Coast trail (x2). She also opens up about her struggles with Mental health and how it lead her to set up her organisation "Spend more time in the wild".


Hiiker Website

Hiiker Podcast Episode #5 | Abbie BarnesHiiker Podcast
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The Outdoor Station Podcast

In this podcast Abbie talks with Bob from The Outdoor Station about all things adventure, film-making and mental health.

Outdoor Station Website

Abbie Barnes | Nov. 2019The Outoor Station Podcast
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