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Abbie Barnes filming in the Austrian Alps


2020 Films & Expeditions


Abbie Barnes filming on the Malerweg in Germany, 2020

The Malerweg is a 116km route in Saxon Switzerland, Germany. Also known as the Painters Way, it is one of the most picturesque hiking trails in the country and crosses close to the Czech Republic at its southern-most point. I walked the trail with my partner Anna in 2020, exploring much of the river Elbe, passing giant sandstone mountains, and the many tiny settlements tucked away in the most eastern part of Germany. It made for a memorable hike!

Abbie Barnes filming on the Zugspitz in Germany, 2020

The Zugspitze sits on the border between Germany and Austria at 2,962m. There are 3 main routes that can be traversed to reach the summit, but in this video I travel solo up the Reintal Valley, stopping overnight at the Reintalanger Hut ( Reintalangerhütte), making the ascent two days in length. It was an intimidating experience, taking a dream from imagination to reality. But the trip was one not to be forgotten in a hurry and is certainly achievable by most with a reasonable level of fitness.

Abbie Barnes filming on the Cotswold Way, 2020

The Cotswold Way runs for just over 100 miles from Chipping Campden to Bath through the Cotswold Hills AONB. As one of the designated National Trails, it passes by ancient hill forts and long barrows, through petite honey-coloured villages, and along babbling brooks. There are fields, forests, and open grassland escarpments, and overall, it makes for a rather lovely amble through English countryside.

Abbie Barnes filming on the Coleridge Way, 2020

The Coleridge Way runs for 51 miles from Nether Stowey on the edge of the Quantock Hills AONB, to Lynmouth on the coast of Exmoor National Park. The route travels through a variety of landscapes: heathland, moorland, deciduous & coniferous woodland, farmland, deeply wooded valleys and historic villages with expansive views over the coast towards Wales. Plus there is an endless chain of villages offering fascinating historical architecture and archaeological sites.

Abbie Barnes filming in the Austrian and German Alps in 2020

During travels in 2020 I set out to familiarise myself with the German and Austrian Alps. It didn't take long before I fell in love with the blissful alms, snow-capped peaks, and adrenalin-inspiring glacial rivers. 

In this series you can find day-hikes and multi-day treks through the region; some high level and others low. There is something for everyone.

Abbie Barnes' award-winning film 'Rise Above The Fear'.

This award-winning film was shot on the coast of southern Italy. 'Rising Above The Fear' follows my heart-wrenching journey of facing my terrors and getting myself into the water. 

"I sat on the rock, paralysed by fear. I could hardly breathe, anxious it would make the waves slap the jagged stone around me with a new violence. Silent tears rolled down my salty cheeks. I knew I had to get back into the water. I just had to find the courage to rise above the fear..."

During Covid Abbie Barnes hosted the Great Garden Camp Out

The pandemic of Covid-19 brought much of the world to a standstill, seeing millions stuck indoors and yearning for time spent outside. But who said that social isolation and movement restrictions mean we couldn't connect with nature and enjoy mini-adventures?! ​ I set up The Great Garden Camp Out to offer inspiration to do just that - an overnight camp in the garden, either alone or with the whole family, allowing us to get back to basics, connect with nature on our doorstep, and creating lasting memories without the need to travel.

During Covid Abbie Barnes hosted the challenge 'A Million Miles For Minds'

I created A Million Miles For Mind (MMfM) in response to the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim of inspiring and empowering individuals to get outside for the benefit of mental and physical health and wellbeing. I believe in the power of immunity through community and sought to log one million walking miles whilst sparking conversations around the world about how we can all take steps to safeguard our mental wellbeing during these difficult times.

Abbie Barnes filming in Exmoor and Dartmoor

I love exploring Exmoor and Dartmoor National Parks. I often find they get overlooked for more 'exciting' and dramatic places, so through this series I aim to showcase the hidden treasures of these most southern and westerly of national parks in the UK.

Abbie Barnes filming in the Black Forest, Germany, 2020

During my travels in 2020 I took a whistle-stop tour of the Black Forest in Germany with my partner, Anna. We explored the Feldberg, the highest peak in the area, and some lesser-known corners of the region, finding giant waterfalls and immense forest-scapes that felt utterly humbling to walk within.

Abbie Barnes filming on Ben Nevis, 2020

Scotland is one of my all time favourite places to explore, especially within the Trossachs and Cairngorms National Parks retrospectively. Within this series you can find windswept summits, snowy trails, and lakeside bimbles; there is something for everyone here!  

Abbie Barnes filming in the Lake District

Each year I return to the Lake District National Park to shoot a series of hiking videos that inspire and empower. From low level lake-side walks to exposed knife-edge ridges, there is something for everyone within this series. Check out the playlist for the full breath and depth of trails explored!

Abbie Barnes, Award-Winning Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer

A huge part of what I aim to do within WILD is to educate and empower. By shooting gear reviews that are authentic and honest I seek to debunk the trends and myths surrounding outdoors kit, reminding viewers that getting outside does not have to be overly complicated by expensive and shiney kit. Check out my channel for various review playlists, from backpacks to tents, jackets to boots.

Abbie Barnes, Award-Winning Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer

I love making tips and advice videos as these are a brilliant way to arm viewers with practical ideas on how to get outside and active whatever their life circumstances. From picking hiking kit to building mental resilience, I aim to cover a broad spectrum of topics and actively engage with my audience to keep support relevant and up-to-date. 

GOPR3371.JPGAbbie Barnes, Award-Winning Presenter, Filmmaker, Adventurer bivvying in the bluebell wood

In April 2019 my good friend Chalky unexpectedly passed away a few days before we were due to spend a night out in the woods, whittling spoons and building fires. I decided to head out myself in his memory, and this film shares some of my thoughts on loss and the power of time spent in nature to hold and heal sadness.

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