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Work With Abbie

Work With Abbie

Abbie's award-winning work inspires millions to get outdoors and active every day.

Abbie has a wide variety of ​skills and talents to offer and regularly works with brands, organisations and charities that share their passion for seeing people overcome ​obstacles through access to the natural world and adventure, and an ethos that gives back to nature.

Below are a number of ways you are work with Abbie, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have a bespoke request. 

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Presenting, Filmmaking, Media

Storytelling is one of Abbies greatest passions, and out of all of their working roles, presenting to offer education and inspiration is the thing they thrives on the most.

Abbie has been working both in front of and behind the camera since the age of 13 and has since gained national and international recognition for their award-winning work. They have delivered for companies of all shapes and sizes, from the United Nations and Jurassic Coast UNESCO team, to town councils, educational charities such as Barnardo's, and community fundraising events.

Abbie is regularly brought in by radio teams to discuss adventure and getting outdoors for wellbeing, and has featured on many podcasts such as the Tough Girl Podcast, Summit To Talk About, and others.


Motivational Speaking

Abbie Barnes is a mountain leader and public speaker looking to inspire and empower people to get outside for the benefit of mental and physical health

Abbie is available for corporate and educational motivational speaking engagements for all audiences and ages. Their talks are very flexible in length and content, and can be tailored to meet your specific criteria.


Abbie's most popular booking involves them detailing about the birth of WILD out of their own personal mental health journey and how we can all take steps to cultivate a flourishing version of ourselves through time spent outdoors. Abbie reveals take-home tips on how to cultivate a more engaged and wholehearted way of living, and shares awe-inspiring visuals and media that never fails to motivate their audience to take a walk in their local wild space.


​Abbie has delivered to National Outdoor Expos, Film Festivals, Scout clubs, Rotary groups, Round Table Societies, Film clubs, colleges, teacher training events, and more.

Mountain Leader

Abbie is a qualified Mountain Leader and Hill and Moorland Leader, a certified Outdoor First Aider and Mental Health First Aider, personal trainer and fitness coach. Abbie personally hosts group walks (WILD Walks) each month across in the wilder areas of the UK, but can also be brought in on a freelance basis for charities and organisations who are looking to get their staff or groups active and outdoors. 

Most recently Abbie led a walk for the children's charity Barnardos, which they also filmed to promote the power of nature for mental health. Abbie offers Forest Bathing workshops, Mindfulness Walks

Abbie Barnes is a mountain leader and public speaker looking to inspire and empower people to get outside for the benefit of mental and physical health
Abbie Barnes works closely with a number of major outdoor brands

Brand Collaborations

Abbie has years of experience working with a broad spectrum of brands, helping each to share their products and beliefs with a wider audience. Abbie believes in cultivating partnerships that last, and only works with brands they personally believes in and that match the values of WILD. 

These brands are environmentally sensitive, passionate about seeing people thrive, and authentic in their love for the outdoors.


Abbie regularly writes for newsletters, papers, and magazines, such as Country Walking, The Great Outdoors, Blacks Outdoors, Intrepid Magazine, Project Happiness and others.


Their work has featured in numerous publications including but not limited to: ReSisters by Lauren Sharkey and Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers’ Resource Guide.

Abbie Barnes is an avid writer
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