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Safeguarding Policy

Here at Wild we provide a safe space for our online community to interact and build meaningful connections.  Wild encourages people to get outdoors for the benefit of their physical and mental wellbeing.  Within our community, whether online or in person, there are members that could be classed as vulnerable or who have at least experienced some tough times.  To ensure we continue to provide that safe space we do adopt a zero tolerance approach to any bullying, harassment, rascist, homophobic, violent or inappropriate sexual behaviour or language.

Respecting and understanding one another is a core value of what we do here and we have a responsibility to ensure that our members feel safe.  As part of joining our community you are agreeing to these values.  
We do not vet our members but expect them to come forward with anything we should know about in order to keep out community safe. If you have a criminal record involving violent or sexual offences you are required to declare these.  Failure to to do could mean removal from the Patreon Community as the safeguarding of our members is of the utmost importance to us here at Spend More Time In The WILD.

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